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Figure 1

From: Combined molecular dynamics and continuum solvent studies of the pre-pore Cry4Aa trimer suggest its stability in solution and how it may form pore

Figure 1

The MD system of pre-pore Cry4Aa trimer in KCl solution. (a) top view, and (b) side view of the system at time t = 10 ns. Three Cry4Aa monomers, i.e. M1, M2, and M3, are rendered in cartoon representation and colored blue, red and green, respectively. Oxygen of water molecules are rendered as red dots while K+ and Cl- ions are rendered as gold and blue spheres respectively. (c) top view, and (d) side view of Cry4Aa trimer at time t = 10 ns (red) compared with that at time t = 0 ns (transparent green). They are rotated by 60° about its symmetric axis.

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