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Figure 1

From: The influence of membrane physical properties on microvesicle release in human erythrocytes

Figure 1

Effect of ionomycin on light scattered by erythrocytes suspensions. Panel A: Erythrocytes were treated with ionomycin (added at the dashed line) at 22°C or 37°C. The data are normalized to the average intensity prior to addition of ionomycin. Panel B: The 37°C experiment of Panel A was repeated in the presence of 1 mM quinine. Panel C: The experiment of Panel A was repeated at 43°C. Ionomycin was added at time zero. The dotted lines indicate the minimum in intensity (I min ) and the time 240 s later at which I 240 is evaluated. The other parameters relevant to Eq. 2 are indicated in the figure. The white curve was obtained by nonlinear regression of the data using Eq. 1.

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